Date: 27 July – 11 August 2013
Venue: Osage Kwun Tong

Hong Kong artist, Joe Yiu, a participant in last year’s Summer Pop-up Art Market, will present a Solo Exhibition at Osage Sigma Summer.

She says “I create strange phenomena and ridiculous situations as part of ordinary life that imitate various systematic distortions in our society. During the creative process, I explore how affairs are comprehended and interpreted. We try to understand different affairs through language, text, images and sound. We believe that we could get closer to the facts when we know more. But often we discover there are various versions of facts when time goes by, and people might start to question which fact is real one. What interested me is how these “facts” present themselves, are presented, or re-presented to us. Who are the “editors” of these facts, and how do they edit them? What authority these editors hold over these facts so we don’t challenge what we see?”

The artist will be present on Saturday, 27 July from 5-10 pm.

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Joe Yiu Poster Logo 01[1]
Joe Yiu Poster Logo 01[1]
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