03.12.2022 – 02.04.2023

@ HKDI Gallery 

Guest Curators, Joel Kwong and Keith Lam, bringing 2 commissioned works and 3 international works
– Daito Manabe + Ryuichi Sakamoto (Japan)
– fuse* (Italy)
– Philip Beesley (Canada)
– Ellen Pau (Hong Kong)
– Keith Lam (Hong Kong)

Hylozoism (萬物有生論), also known as animism, advocates that all things in the world possess a distinct spiritual essence. It is a philosophy indeed. As technology is undoubtedly one of the many things intertwined with human lives, such neo-nature is not only consisted of flowers and plants but orchestrates a new ecology. This exhibition demonstrates the connections between the world, the earth, and the people. What would the intervention of humans and technology do to nature in the context of arts and technology? From the picturesque landscape to the subject of neo-nature, arts and technology are instrumental in foretelling the near future. Curated by Ms. Joel Kwong and Mr. Keith Lam, the exhibition features an international and local artist lineup, including Living Architecture Systems Group/ Philip Beesley, Keith Lam, Ellen Pau, Ryuichi Sakamoto X Daito Manabe, and fuse*. Like the five elements, the five artworks in the exhibition present a neo-nature to propose the concept of symbiosis – like an endless cycle of mutual benefits and coexistence.

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Enquires: 3928 2566 | hkdi-gallery@vtc.edu.hk


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