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The annual exhibition of landscape architectural projects produced by the Higher Diploma in Landscape Architecture of Hong Kong Design Institute and Bachelor of Arts in Landscape Architecture of Birmingham City University was held from the 9th June to 19th June 2018, at Osage Gallery in Kwun Tong.
Known as a “Concrete Jungle”, high density and high-rise buildings became distinctive features in Hong Kong’s landscape. The dull impression of some public spaces that is difficult for people to feel a sense of belonging to the community. The work in this show highlights three issues we face today in landscape architecture. These are the quality of community open space, bio-philia and lifestyle choices for Hong Kong. In some open spaces in the community, it is difficult to arouse the sense of belonging of the public. Landscape Architecture students started from the perspective of open space design, studying the existing coastlines, outdoor spaces, new town development and urban developed areas. They discovered the importance of the natural environment, to maintain the balance of natural ecosystem and its ability to inspire diversity in public open space design, community interaction and sustainable development.

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Redesign Poster (20180505 Revised3.1)
Redesign Poster (20180505 Revised3.1)
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