Études for the 21st Century and Études for the Everyday
Date: 28 November 2013 – 28 December 2013
Time: Daily, 10:30am – 7pm
Venue: Osage Hong Kong
Presented by: Osage Art Foundation

This exhibition presents two sets of études. Originally meaning “study” in French, the word is widely adopted to describe a short musical composition, typically for one instrument, written as an exercise to improve one’s technique, while also played for its artistic value.

The practice of art, regardless of media or form, can be said as a lifelong endeavour to advance oneself technically, aesthetically, intellectually, ethically and spiritually.

As parallels in this exhibition, the two sets of études are the results of collaboration with international and local art and cultural practitioners, whose reflective practice casts light upon the ontology of art and the oscillating forces between the sublime and the quotidian.

One austere and self-contained, the other light and open, Études for the 21st Century and Études for the Everyday are contrasting and complementary studies on the essence of art, living and being in time. While the former contemplates life and asks what it takes to be human, the latter is about experiencing life and living as a human. For the 21st Century generates practice for the future and the eternal. Everyday is practice for the transitory present.

Docent Guided Tour
Each tour serves 10 – 20 people and lasts for approximately 60 minutes in Cantonese, Putonghua or English. Tours are free of charge. Interested parties please make reservations at least 4 days prior to planned visit.

Booking and Enquiries:
Tel: 2172 1635 / 2389 8332 (Ms. Grace Lam)
Email:  gracelam@osagegallery.com

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